Everyone at Gardens of Grace would like to thank you for your interest in wanting to promote awareness and advocate for families of loss. a volunteer run organization, staffed by volunteers. There are many ways to get involved in Gardens of Grace, no matter what your abilities or skill level. Your active involvement is essential to our Mission, and there are many jobs/positions available. Please contact us to volunteer, arrange a fundraiser, or just talk about your options.
The following is a partial list of the positions we need to fill:

 Social media monitors

Content creators for Social Media

Craft team leader


Volunteer recruiters and coordinators

Cheer crews for team events

Bereavement Support Coordinator

Peer support volunteers


Garden Designers

Garden Team: Gardens are a primary goal of Gardens of Grace. If you would like to help in designing or building/planting a garden in your community, please contact us.

Event Team: Gardens of Grace hosts and co-hosts many memorial, educational, and fund-raising events. If you would like to help with the successful planning and implementation of events, please contact us.
Kindred Spirit Team: Providing support to grieving families is a key objective for Gardens of Grace, If you have experienced loss and feel able to provide one-on-one peer support, currently offered only online, please contact us. Additionally, a Kindred Spirit Support Coordinator is needed to review training material with peer supporters, and to oversee online support scheduling.
Social Media Team: Gardens of Grace aims to provide people with up-to-date information, and is operating on multiple platforms. If you are social media savvy and can help monitor social media for relevant information, or can manage and establish social media channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other relevant platforms, please contact us.
Craft Team: Gardens of Grace is involved in securing crafts for a wide range of recipients. If you are ‘crafty’ and like to knit, crochet, and sew tiny outfits for babies born too soon, please contact us. Additionally, Craft Leaders are needed to offer challenges for specific items, keep craft volunteers motivated and organized through Babyloss, arrange item collection, and collaborate with the Board on distribution to areas in need.
Cheer Team: Cheer Gardens of Grace intends to place teams in a range of fundraising events such as marathons, runs, walks, etc. We need volunteers not only to participate in these teams, but also to cheer them on and keep them motivated, and to get the organization noticed.
Volunteer Team Leaders: Gardens of Grace is pursuing a wide range of activities that rely on a varying but often large number of volunteers. If you are interested in helping to coordinate volunteers and projects, and to recruit volunteers, please contact us.
Photography Leader: It can be very important to capture moments of grief and healing. If you are a photographer and are interested in collaborating with Gardens of Grace to host photography workshops for hospital staff who encounter early loss, please contact us. We aim to recruit suitable photography volunteers to create a volunteer network.

In addition to these, there are simple activities such as distributing pamphlets or hosting an information table, or more involved roles such as hosting an event, or sharing your story that can be undertaken. Gardens of Grace would like to thank you for your interest in promoting awareness, advocating for change, and working to build tools to help healing after loss. We are always eager to match an interested volunteer with a role or activity.

Volunteer Event Team