Become An 

Angel of Grace

 Supporting Gardens of Grace is an important aspect of fundraising so we can pursue our Mission of offering improved support, compassion, loving kindness, and hope to families during their darkest hours. Become an Angel of Grace by becoming a dues-paying Member of Gardens of Grace. Becoming an Angel of Grace will assist us in holding events, hosting this website, and helping to support families in grief. It is not necessary for you to have lost a child to become an Angel of Grace.

Gardens of Grace is partnering with a number of businesses to offer exclusive opportunities and deals to Angel of Grace card-holders. Check our Corporate Supporters page for more information. Annual subscription will give you access to any events held throughout the year, and updates regarding Gardens of Grace's progress.

Card-holders are also entitled to attend and vote at our AGM. This enables you to have a voice as we continue to advance our efforts to support anyone affected by a baby’s death.