International Wave of Light

The International Wave of Light has become a global phenomenon, with world landmarks such as Niagara Falls, Sydney Opera House, BC Place and the CN Tower, Scotland's Kelpies, and many more, lighting up in pink and blue.

For one hour from 7pm to 8pm on October 15, candles and buildings are lit worldwide to remember a child that has died, a pregnancy that didn't make it to term. Mothers, fathers, siblings, family and friends whisper a child's name, or think of the child who went unnamed in the glow of a flickering flame. As your flame burns for that hour, one candle joins another, traveling from one time zone to the next. The flicker of those candles create a continuous wave of light for 24 hours, encircling the entire globe.

Whether alone or in a group, at home or as part of an organized event, lighting a candle for babies gone too soon is just one way to honor both the babies, and those whose lives they touched.

Nova Scotia Recognizes the International Wave of Light, 2017