As noted in How We Started, Gardens of Grace was inspired in no small part by the life and sudden death of Grace Neala Tamsin Densmore. Grace's name, a difficult one for her parents to decide upon, became a representation of her life: Grace, the Anglicized version of long reigning Irish pirate queen Grania(Grace) O'Malley; Neala meaning "female champion"; and Tamsin the Cornish word for "twin". 

You can read her story here.

She was an inspiration to her family, and everyone who knew her, for the joy she felt and brought to others, and the determination she demonstrated in overcoming so many health and physical ailments so often in such a short lifespan.

But of course, Grace was one miracle child among many miracles, some who make it to birth, some who don't, some who fight mightily hard to survive, and others, like Grace, who are taken far too early. It is to honour those babies, and their families, that we work.