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Bringing awareness to, and change through, the political arena is only as successful as its constituents. If our leaders do not hear from you, they will not become informed about what their communities want and need.

Families and individuals touched by the loss of a child, nurses, doctors, women’s and family health centers all encounter issues dealing with stillbirth, miscarriage, and child death. Your Municipal Councilors, MLAs, and MPs need to hear your voice, your view, your concerns. Only then can they ask questions about standards of care and take steps to improve them.

Don’t underestimate the power of your voice! Start campaigning today Find out who represents you and start campaigning today to raise awareness for this cause. Call, write, arrange face-to-face meetings. Become an active advocate and ask them to be the same.

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LATEST UPDATE- Motion 110 and the HUMA Report Supporting Families Following the Loss of a Child

WHAT IS ‎M-110?M-110 is a non-partisan motion that was passed in the House of Commons by Member of Parliament, Blake Richards on June 8th, 2018. The Standing Committee on Human Resources then had six months from June 8th to undertake a study of the impact on parents who have suffered the loss of an infant child, and to make recommendations to the government to improve the level of support for grieving parents and to seek to ensure parents no longer suffer any undue financial or emotional hardship as a result of the design of government programming.

That study took place in the fall of 2018, in the form of five sessions. The resulting report was tabled and presented to the House of Commons on February 7. The Standing Committee came up with seven recommendations that be undertaken in an effort to offer better supports and reduce the trauma many families experience when dealing with government services.

We are now waiting for the office of the Honorable Jean-Yves Duclos, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development, to respond to the report.

You can read the complete report HERE.

 Click HERE to watch the HUMA Standing Committee meetings in Parliament and HERE to see the press conference. Pictured (L-R) are Rachael and David Trask of Bria's Band, Annick Robinson of Cradles for Cuddles, Member of Parliament Blake Richards, Paula Harmon of Gardens of Grace, and Rob and Rachel Samulack of The Butterfly Run Ottawa/Gatineau.